A downloadable game


  • WASD: Movement
  • Q-E: Swap equipped bell
  • K: Attack
  • L: Use equipped bell
  • O: Toggle Fullscreen
  • P: Pause (not fully implemented)
  • R: Restart Game
  • ESC: Exit Game


The bell tower has been invaded by demons! Keep them at bay with your sacred mallet, and survive as long as you can!

Hit the standing bells to clear away all enemies within an area.

Pick up bells and use them against the enemy!

  • Green bells restore HP.
  • Red bells defeat all nearby enemies.
  • Blue bells slow nearby enemies.
  • White bells give you a temporary fourth jump.


BellTower.exe 2 MB


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This was one of my favorite games at the jam, it's really quite addictive. If you ever made this into a larger game, esp. if there was co-op multiplayer, I would gladly buy it haha